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For the fifth year in a row, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is number 1 in the Shanghai Ranking in the catergory of Veterinary Sciences. Scientific research is of great importance to safeguard a continuous evolution in veterinary (and human) medicine. Also at the Endocrinology Departmen of the Small Animal Clinic, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UGent), there are also several ongoing studies, including studies on thyroid problems in dogs and cats.

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Driven by her passion for dogs and cats, Professor Sylvie Daminet and her team are committed to optimal care for their patients at the Small Animal Clinic in Merelbeke (UGent). In order to continue to guarantee this optimal care, education (both students and specialists in training (residents)), advice to veterinarians and scientific research are among her tasks.

She aims to improve the care of these patients by conducting scientific clinical studies. Her motto is simple: 'I don't propose studies that I wouldn't participate in with my own beloved pets: I support every study 100%!' Her and her team's research focuses mainly on thyroid problems in dogs and cats, and on early detection of kidney disease.

Ongoing Research on Thyroid Problems

Cat Closeup

Learn more about ongoing studies of feline hyperthyroidism here.

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Thyroid cancer

Help improve the treatment of thyroid cancer in dogs.

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