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Ongoing research

Hyperthyroidism and thyroid inhibitors

Veterinarian Gaëlle Schils investigates the presence of thyroid inhibitors in the urine of hyperthyroid cats treated with thyroid inhibitor, as well as in their owner's urine. This research is supervised by professor Sylvie Daminet.


Hyperthyroid cats are often treated with thyroid inhibitors. While there is a very close contact between cat and owner. We wish to check whether a very small amount of this medication can also be found in the urine of owners who daily administer thyroid inhibitors to their beloved cat. Naturally, the urine of the hyperthyroid cat is also examined and checked for the presence of thyroid inhibitors. Afterwards, the concentration of thyroid inhibitors in the cat's urine is compared with that of the owner. Urine is also collected from people who have no contact with thyroid inhibitors and from people who have to take thyroid inhibitors themselve daily.


For the examination we need a minimum of 2 mL of urine from both the cat and the owner. We realize that it is not easy to collect urine from cats. Therefore, you can optionally use Katkor® (a specific type of cat litter) instead of the normally used cat litter to make it easier for your cat to collect urine. Katkor® does not absorb the urine, unlike normal cat litter, so that the urine remains in the litter box and you can collect it. You can use urine containers to collect your own urine, which we will gladly provide you.

More info

Do you have a cat with hyperthyroidism and would you like to participate in this study or would you like more information:

If you participate in this study, you will receive a package containing Katkor®, urine containers for your urine, a short questionnaire and a consent form to participate in this study.

With this link you can see how you can easily collect urine from your beloved cat using Katkor® cat litter.

Thank you for your interest in this research!

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